I am blogging what’s happening to us here in Taiwan! You’ll find reports about some of my activities (mostly hiking, rivertracing and canyon[eer]ing) and potentially interesting stuff that happening here on the ilha formosa.

My main intention for writing is to keep friends & family @home up to date. Nevertheless, I have the wish to introduce Taiwan to you: If you should happen to come here, on a business trip of even for a holiday, maybe you’ll find here some suggestions for memorable discoveries off the beaten track.

About me and this island: Long time ago (2001), mere chance has brought me to Taiwan: The successful application (rather out of the blue) for a PostDoc-position and swooop – it had happened!  I quickly grew roots, stayed for + a year and returned frequently. Meanwhile, I am feeling quite like home here. In 2013 we have moved to Taiwan and we’ll probably stay here for a while. All the time there is something new to discover: the people, their cultures(!) and Taiwan’s gorgeous nature still have hidden surprises for me almost every day. Parts of this thrilling life I would like to share with you! Taiwan is more that the 101, Snake Alley and the country where most likely also your computer has been manufactured. The times when only cheap plastic crap was produced here have long passed. „Made in Taiwan“, MIT, has turned into a quality brand.

The mandatory disclaimer: No warranty for nothing! Preventively, I dissociate myself from the contents of linked information: You never know where those links suddenly are pointing to, once you have checked them and placed them with good intentions.

Living and hiking in Taiwan is horribly dangerous! Because here, permanently disasters are happening (earthquakes, taifuns, heat-, cold- and flu-waves etc., etc.) and every now and then dangerous wild animals are popping up (there are e.g. bears, wild boars, poisonous snakes, tiger bees, long- mid- and shortnoses, mobile phone zombies (AKA phubbers), crazy and/or mad traffic participants, etc.) suddenly, unexpectedly and everywhere, i.e. they are standing/hanging/laying/lurking behind at least every 2nd tree and even in the subway! You have been warned! Before repeating my trips (and before coming to this island) you are requested to collect intelligence from independent sources. If in doubt, please ask your spouse, your in-laws or the nice guy from the grocery store ‚round the corner for advice. If available, please make use of your common sense, too!